Two Graphic LCDs

A few days ago I received two new 128×64 GLCDs and the first thing i did was wire them up and put some sketches on the Arduino!  The pictures below show the ‘life’ and BigNums’ example from the GLCD library (download in Libraries page + GLCD Font Tool).

More photos in the full post!
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Robot Competition in Varna

I just got back from Varna, a town on the seaside of Bulgaria. I was there on a robotics competition with my team and my classmates and we were playing Robot Football. You can watch the official video here: Robot Football Varna (The audio is Bulgarian.) More about the robots and the competition in the full article.

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8×2 Display

Today i got a new 8×2 display (8 chars ,2 rows). It is very small and very easy to control. The pinout is the same as the one in an ordinary 2×16 character display, except for the difference in the connector.
Display Datasheet
16×2 Display Connection

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I’m back.

I haven’t posted anything in quite a long time so it’s time for an update – I’ve been working on the code for my GPS ,which is now on the Mega board. The device is working with waypoints and is tested with an SD card. For two weeks now I am making a robot controlled wireless by  the Xbee Series 1 shields (I have these two shields from school to test them).

↓ Pictures included ↓
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Arduino Mega

Introducing the Arduino Mega 1280 microcontroller board!

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Arduino GPS Navigation

This is my last invention,  still in beta state, more photos and a video to come.

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Hello everyone, today I finished my first Arduino project – The Arducar.

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